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Latest Updates from Our Project:

Only 10 days left! Mycroft 4 ft x 6 ft Topper and Premium HDPE components
over 2 years ago – Sat, Oct 14, 2017 at 09:34:14 PM

Greetings Topper Nation,

I cannot thank each of you enough for this wonderful opportunity to help upgrade people's gaming experiences!

We are picking up steam, and there is only 10 days left!!! We are unlocking stretch goals like crazy!! Secret Cabal Game Mats, Rail Bundles, Halfsies Dice!!!! Let's keep the ball rolling!

Your feedback and questions have been very helpful and allowed me to explore several new ideas, one of which we will be talking about. 

1. We announced this week The Mycroft 4 ft x 6 ft Topper for only $799.00. For all you Warhammer and big epic gamers, we did it! Tell your friends! We have made a similar Package Bundle called the Reichenbach Falls with the new HDPE components.

 We just announced today a stretch Goal to add a Rail Bundle for it. This bundle includes the 48" Rail and your choice of 4 - 3mm Premium Stitched mats for it.

Many of you have given great feedback privately or through the comments for different ideas and improvements. Even though I have been working on this innovation for over two years and have put a lot of investment into this product, there are always ways to improve. Some improvements can happen quickly others not so much.

One of those pesky problems I had was in solving the desire to have a larger center tray that did not interfere with Center Connector Cleat (which by the way will be improved to an all aluminium black anodized cleat.) In exploring this, we knew wood products were not the right material. We have found a brilliant answer in a very High Density Polyethylene. SEE Picture Below.

They are the same 3/4 thick size. The main difference is, it is a much stronger material than wood. It basically will never wear, it's waterproof, dishwater safe. Bury it in the back yard for 5 years and dig it up and it's good. lol 

Because of the strength we where able to innovate on our New Enhanced Goblet Holder and include a cutout for more functionality, plus provide the solution for the New Enhanced Premium Double Tray to fit over the connector cleat.

That all being said, I am a craftsman that works with wood and loves the look and feel of wood. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the wood components we are offering. They are beautiful, very durable and have a great hard finish on them. (I made sure of that) so no one needs to worry about strength with our "Lux" components. That being said, I am super impressed with the new HDPE product. It just looks great next to the powder coat rail and is a no wear product. There's simply a few better options with this new material. Now you get to choose what is best for you.


Ben Hillyard from Daedalus Productions has been such a good friend and amazing partner in this project. If you haven't seen the awesome stained wood inserts (like Gloomhaven pictured below) he makes, I'd highly recommend him. at

  He is working on some pretty amazing new stretch goals for us. Here is a first peak prototype. I bet some of you 40k folks might notice a vague familiarity, either way it is flat out cool in my book! Enjoy!

 Lastly, I have had a lot of questions about local pick up in MN. I will be having several meetings this week with my packaging supplier, fulfillment center and manufacturer. I'll have clearer answers after I have that information. 

We will be doing another live KS event in St. Paul at Level Up Games with Kay King, stay tuned for the time.

Thank you again everyone! Have a great weekend, play some games and please help us spread the word about his product!


Announcements coming and New stretch Goals released! 10-10-17
over 2 years ago – Tue, Oct 10, 2017 at 05:05:56 PM

Greetings Topper Nation!

Once again I find myself thinking how grateful I am for everyone's support, and thoughtful feedback.  I have poured through the surveys listening to all the enthusiasm and feedback and trying to see how I can bring more to our backers! I cannot thank you enough. 

First, I want to thank you for your patience as it takes a fair amount of time to thoughtfully make any changes to a campaign like this. I have started several businesses and it is always a very consuming thing. There are an amazing amount of moving parts to this project from manufacturing decisions that need to be fully vetted, to costing appropriately to the market demand, to packaging,  and ultimately fulfillment. Much of this was completed prior to this campaign, but adding an extra item requires a big time commitment. Thankfully, I have great partners and our diligence has paid off.

We are very close to me making the announcement many of you have been waiting for... The Mycroft 4 ft x 6 ft Topper. We will be making this announcement Wed at 1PM CST with some of the details, plus some other exciting innovations.

Today, I have included a couple more of the planned stretch goals as well. I am making available with just a slight bump in pledges... The Halfises Dwarven Dice from Gate Keeper Games. We have worked out an arrangement to offer these never been produced versions on our campaign at great price. For those of you that know, these dice are some of the best designed dice. They roll balanced and provide a really cool visual aesthetic at a great price.  They truly are amazing and we are pleased to offer them. 

I have said it many times, but volume drives everything in manufacturing. Currently, we have our standard all aluminum rail and a darker "Waverly" Luxuriant Finish. I realize there are desires for different colors as options, but curently, I do not have the volume needed to offer additional skews. I am putting out a natural finish Stretch Goal option to be unlocked if we hit the volume  needed so that I can feasibly do it. 

We have many things planned in the last two weeks of the campaign that I believe will be very exciting for current backers and new backers coming into the project too. 

You will be seeing several more advertisements and media about our campaign in the upcoming days so if you would be so kind to help us share the word through social media it will be much appreciated. I Look forward to communicating with you in the live feed.

Stay tuned, and as always your support means the world to me, thank you!!!!


Survey and upcoming announcements. 10-1-17
over 2 years ago – Mon, Oct 09, 2017 at 09:41:14 PM

Greetings Topper Nation!

I am so excited and thank for this opportunity to do something very special in the hobby  board game industry by providing these gaming upgrades.

Enthusiasm is high for our "Rail Bundle" and the possibility of Game Toppers bringing "The Mycroft" Topper to market. This is a 48" x 72" big dog Topper perfect to play Warhammer and those big epic games on. I need your help please. If we are going to do this now, we need some feedback and some help sharing the idea. This quick survey will help me greatly if you could please take a moment to fill out.

The beautiful thing about dealing with a local manufacture and fulfillment company is that we can innovate fairly quickly. If I was doing this over seas, it would be a minimum two - three month process. Thankfully, we already have blueprints ready fro this option. This is still time consuming work, but I'm willing to work hard to make this is a reality. Costing and packaging solutions is what I'm working on. I'm sure there are a lot of questions. We are helping Level Up Games in St Paul, MN launch the opening of their new store in Eagan, MN.

Kay King will join me live in the St. Paul Store at 1PM CST for the announcements and a Q & A session.

 Please join us and continue to spread the word about this opportunity to upgrade peoples gaming experiences.

Thank you all for your incredible support!!!!


Innovations in the works 9-27-17
over 2 years ago – Thu, Sep 28, 2017 at 02:31:18 PM

Greetings Topper Nation!

I wanted to give you a brief update on a few things I have been working hard on.

I have been in meetings with my manufacture of the Toppers. We have always had intentions of adding a larger topper to our offerings. In fact, our design is already drawn up. In my discussions with my manufacture about the growing demand for a 4 ft. x 6 ft. offering, they felt that adding this to the run of Toppers would in fact be doable even in lower quantities. This means that I can produce a low volume run of this size and make some minor modifications in purchasing of components that will not delay production. This was very exciting news and allows me to continue to offer more to my product line and to you, my backers.  There are a few items on the agenda to make this happen. Modify artwork for the larger Topper, address packaging and secure final shipping numbers. This is a time consuming process and will take me some time to do diligence so that I can make this as affordable as possible.

I would like to hear your thoughts on bringing "The Mycroft" to this campaign.

Would this help you?  What are your concerns? Do you know of others that this would help? Would you help us share this offering?  

The rail bundle is still in the works. I'm waiting on some packaging numbers so that I can save you some money, and  I working on how I can offer you a discount on the accompanying mat. One question I have is; What would you prefer, a premium or standard mat option. I would prefer to offer a premium as that is what I will stock more of.

Lastly, Our friends at Dogmight have just a few hours left if you would like to get their Dragon Sheaths. Check out their campaign.

My friend Jesse set up his kitchen table with Twilight Imperium on both surfaces to show the Watson play area off. his table is 34 1/4 x 58 1/4 The Watson Play area is 38 x 60.

Thank again! If you could help us spread the word and continue to get eyes on this project it would be greatly appreciated!!!


Stretch Goals announced for Game Toppers
over 2 years ago – Mon, Sep 25, 2017 at 07:03:14 PM

Stretch Goals Announcement! 9-25-17  

Good morning Topper Nation!! 

    I am still so blown away by the buzz being generated around Game Toppers! My heart is so full of gratitude I probably over do my thanks a bit, but I cannot express how much this means to me. I’m here to provide you, my gamer friends, the best possible experience I can, at the best possible price while employing smart business practices.

  • We have some amazing stretch goals planned. Some I will be releasing later today and others at a later date. We originally where going to release our Thematic Game Mats one at a time as stretch goals, but the truth is we were going to produce them either way, and I didn’t want to play games with people on that. We have had a long term strategy about offering these mats on our web store and to the retail market, so we offered them to you right from the start. The benefit to our backers now, is the amazing Kickstarter Exclusive Pricing and combined shipping values. (High RES clickable links are now available on each mat on the campaign page) That all being said, I have had some good advice about not getting too carried away with options being offered, as well as listening to demand for solid color options. Rest assured, I have calculated the cost of what I am doing; I am committed to staying in my lane, so to speak, and do what I do well. (FYI, it has always been our intention to provide additional color options of our included standard mat.)
  •  I also have explored a smart way of saving my backers additional money by offering a premium mat upgrade from the standard included mat for those that want the premium mat. 
  • For all you Cabalists out there; We have been given permission from The Secret Cabal Gaming podcast to utilize the Secret Cabal War Cobra mat for our Kickstarter if we reach some stretch Goals.
  • Lastly, offering a Rail bundle is one of my top priorities and I am in the middle of “costing” that to provide something that I think everyone will be really pleased with. Crazy pumped about it!!!!Here are a few previews. 

 Please continue to help up get more eyes on this project. Here is a link that can easily be used in your media.

Also, feel free to check out Kicktraq to add additional attention to the project. 

Thank you again for helping us upgrade people’s gaming experience! 

 Kevin “Burky” Burkhardsmeier