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Upgrading your gaming experience! Turn your kitchen or dining room table into a premium, quality, thematic, portable gaming solution with amazing gaming accessories that enhance the gaming experience.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Last 21 hours final push!!! NEW LOWER CANADIAN SHIPPING! Campaign closes 10-25-17 10 AM CDT
over 2 years ago – Tue, Oct 24, 2017 at 04:41:13 PM

Greetings Topper Nation Backers!!!

My heart is so full of gratitude towards each one! I cannot thank you enough for helping me start this business and fulfill this dream of upgrading peoples gaming experiences. It is so hard to describe the wonderful feeling I get when I see and hear the joy this upgrade brings people as they play on these  Game Toppers. Thank you! We are not done, I'm pushing hard still.

This may be my last update. I will have a follow-up update after the campaign closes giving instructions and giving you my plans of facilitating everything. I have already placed some orders and will continuing to working hard after this ends.


It is a very long story, I have been working on international solutions for reducing shipping during this entire campaign. It is amazingly complicated and very time consuming. While exploring options in Europe I found about an different international ground Fed X shipping solution that was far better than the arrangement I have with my fulfillment partner resulting in much lower rate for our large packages. Any Larger Topper pledge Level including The Scotland Yard, the Bakerstreet,  will be able to be shipped for $200.00 and Reichenbach Falls for $225.00. The taxes that is the bakers responsibility. This is a bit late, but good news! If you have Canadian friends that this will help please share.

(I'm sure i'll get asked this...This does not affect small package orders much.)

We are blowing through stretch goals!!! 


The Scotland Yard, Bakerstreet and the Persian Slipper bundle may choose in the Backerkit survey The Rules Master easel as one of their Shield choices. If you purchase the Daedalus bundle with the Reichenbach Falls you will have a choice to get the Rules Master Easel as a choice as well.

We just unlocked the buy any 2 mats bundle so everyone can get extra mats with shipping included!

Just unlocked
Just unlocked

 Now let's unlock the Space Dice Tower, and get everyone an awesome set of Dwarf Halfsies Dice FREE!!!


 Thank you all again!!!! If you see our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram ads please helps us share this last few hours to get as many eyes on this awesome upgrade!


Live video only 37 hours left
over 2 years ago – Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 09:44:49 PM

Greetings Topper Nation! 

Such a great day, we're unlocking stretch goals right and left. I'm so excited! I just wanted to give you a link to our live video today if you'd like to share it or view it if you didn't have time today. We covered a lot of ground and announced a lot of extras.



Lots of thematic choices now!
Lots of thematic choices now!


 As a special reward to All larger packages (Scotland Yard, Bakerstreet, Reichenbach Falls and the Persian Slipper bundle will allow you a choice to receive the Rule Master Easel as one of your choices of your player shields. This will be made in the BakerKit survey software. 

These same packages will receive a free set of Halfsies dice if we break 450,000.00

I think we can do it and even more!

Thank you all for your kind help and encouragement! I think I have some of the best bakers I could have ever hoped for. 

Looking forward to bringing these great upgrades to your gaming!!


Final Stretch Goals Announced! Final 3 days!
over 2 years ago – Sat, Oct 21, 2017 at 11:49:04 PM

Hello Topper Nations!

I've been burning the candles at both ends and my team has been doing no less. 

We are announcing the Final Stretch Goals today. Psst... maybe one more trick up my sleeve. 

I want to give some credit to my wonderful daughter who has been helping me behind the scenes with all the graphics work, I stink at it, but she is brilliant. I pay Hannah for her professional work, but she has been "on call" so to speak with me in this fantastic, wonderfully exhausting process while I throw wrenches at her (not literally) with all these awesome ideas everyone has come up with! She is the best! Thank you honey!

Ben From Daedalus must also get a huge nod for his hard work, the fine folks at Dogmight for their contributions, {Photos below of the new improved Component Tray} and of course Kay King for her consulting help.

So here we go...

Yesterday unleashed...The new Defense Dice Tower (400,000) The Wood Grain mat (410,000), and the War Terrain green mat (420,000).

Final Stretch Goals...

Player Shields:

 5 in total! When unlocked no matter if you have the Persian Slipper Bundle, The Whole Scotland Yard Package or any other bundle containing these cool thematic player shields, when unlocked you will get your choice of 5 thematic styles. We had several people ask about getting shields for the Mycroft bundle, now you can get a set of four pairs for only $35.00.

Rule Master:

The Rules Master Tablet/book easel
The Rules Master Tablet/book easel

This is an adjustable 2 slot easel with ample strength to hold tablets, I pads, rule books or even D & D style books with spines. They are very durable and fit on the rail and can easily slide along if needed. 

Extra Mat Bundle:

This is not for single mat pledge levels ONLY Topper level pledges
This is not for single mat pledge levels ONLY Topper level pledges

 This goal is to provide an little extra help to our single Game Topper pledge backers that can't quite jump up to the higher packages or as an extra reward for those higher level Package backers that want more than three mats that are included. As a big thanks you to you, I'll eat the extra shipping charge!

Space Dice Tower:

More cool Dice Tower options!
More cool Dice Tower options!

 and the big Kahuna...(Maybe)

My partnership with Gate Keeper Games if we break through the 450,000 barrier will allow me to include FREE, with shipping included, the long awaited, never released  Dwarf Halfsies Dice! This is crazy, but I'm pulling out the stops for all the great backers who have helped me start this fantastic opportunity to upgrade people's gaming experience!

Free with every Bundle or Package
Free with every Bundle or Package

Pictures of the new enhanced Dogmight Component tray and new enhanced HDPE goblet holder!


 I have had some requests for the showing that mats stitching. All I can say these mats are the finest I have ever seen! The quality is off the hook good and will provide years of service compared to standard mats that eventually fray. The price we are offering for this high end is really a great value!

 Stay Tuned. I will be scheduling a live chat again noon Monday CDT if you have any questions. It's the final countdown to do something special. I still have a goal to push through to $500,000, but first things first. Let's blow through these Stretch Goals and give everyone these special rewards!

As always thank you for helping me make this dream come true!!! You inspire me.


Two new Game Mats Announced! Sneak Peak Items
over 2 years ago – Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 09:55:54 PM

Greetings and many thanks to everyone!!! 

I wanted to give a brief update. You will notice two new mat options to unlock.

By tomorrow morning you will see the new announcements of the Stretch Goals for the final push to 500,000! This can happen! We have an awesome product and great backers! We can upgrade peoples gaming experiences!

Check out the live vid we did with Kay King at Level up Games in St. Paul MN. We answered a lot of questions and talked about our new Cadillac shipping solutions that will save everyone money.

We have some really cool Dice Towers... Psst, new Space Tower coming.

 ....but wait there is more!!! Matching new choices of Player Shields with new improved functionality. Here's a sneak peak

 We are providing more options for gaming mats. The Premium 3mm stitched new Wood Grain and a War Terrain mats are awesome!


Mark Streed from the Board Game Corner did a review and I wanted to draw attention to it because he found an amazing table at Habitat for Humanity for his studio and re-purposed it. He put his Game Topper on it as a dedicated table! It is absolutely amazing! Just check it out. I know one of our big selling features is we convert your existing table into a high quality gaming solution and is portable, Such a great thought for you DIY folks too.

Stay Tuned for a total of 7 more Goals will be unleashed in the final days! Let do this! Please help share the word.

Thank you!!!


10-19-17 Update Give-a-way winner and new stretch goal announced
over 2 years ago – Wed, Oct 18, 2017 at 10:27:23 PM

Greetings Topper Nation!  

Wow, we are blowing through stretch goals! Congratulations and thank you very much!!! Only 6 days left!!!!!

First, we have a live Q & A event scheduled on Kickstarter, Thursday, 10-18-17 in St. Paul MN at Level Up Games with the always fun and lively Kay King. Join us as we answer questions and give some updates of new stretch goals we will be seeing in the final days of the campaign.

Congratulations to Ryan Long our winner of the Game Topper give-a-way. He is an enthusiastic gamer and when he was notified he was so ecstatic!!!

Winner of the G. T. give-a-way.
Winner of the G. T. give-a-way.

I wanted to put out a brief update to give you a little bit of a look behind the curtain so to speak on what I have been working on. 

I set up  a live Kickstarter feed for Thursday and we will be talking about a couple new stretch goals to be announced. Our most recent stretch goal is The Defense Tower! Ben from Daedalus has gone out of his way to innovate and work hard for all of us. 

He has seriously, stop the presses and developed some really cool stuff. ...PSST, another Dice Tower is almost done and 2 more thematic player screens for everyone to choose from. Much thanks to him for his hard work.

 I met with my packaging supplier and we have developed and are working on a "Cadillac" packaging solution that will allow us to combine shipping for you. This will result in saving you money on many items compared to shipping in several packages. It also will assure me that I am doing my job well to provide you with the quality delivery experience you deserve.

I met with Baker Kit, our pledge manager software solution. I have been having conversations with them, so we can make the check out process for add ons, upgrades, or even ordering an additional Topper after the campaign ends easy for everyone. This is all available to you if you have backed at even the $1.00 level. The Backer Kit survey will come out approx. 14 days after the campaign ends. This may help some who are having a hard time finding the full amount by the Oct 25th end date. That being said, it will help all of us to contribute the Kickstarter now, if possible, so we hit our S. Goals and it will help me get a good indication of what needs to be ordered. I will be ordering parts in excess of the actual pledges, but the sooner I have that information the quicker I will be able to fulfill.

I am developing a retailer program for the future to help game stores upgrade their player experiences and provide additional ways for gamers to find our product.

I'll sign off for now. The last week is always a crucial push to cross the finish line. I'm from Minnesota and enjoy football. I have told my family, "we have made a few first downs, but we need to punch through the end zone, and dang it, MAKE THE FIELD GOAL MN!" (If you live in MN you feel what i'm saying, lol) I'm hoping to break 500,000.00.  Let's do it!

If you would be so kind, I need your help. I hate imposing on people and like to be the giver, more than the receiver, but I sincerely believe in the joy this product will bring so many people. I have dedicated my efforts and my families resources into making this a reality, so I think it is worth the risk to say, please help spread the word. 

Thank you again, you truly have been a joy to correspond with! Please let me know if you need anything or have any questions.