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Latest Updates from Our Project:

First Topper away!!!!!!! The cups finally arrived!!! 3-27-18
about 2 years ago – Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 01:04:33 AM

  Greetings Topper nation! This is a silly, little, quick, extremely poorly done video just showing you a little progress that was made today. I am so excited I'm jumping out of my pants! I love what's happening here through all the hard work , All the obstacles, all the trials, and all the amazing friendship and connection with so many of you, the day has arrived. Our first topper has been sent. Today was a staging day and getting things in order so I only got about 14 units out .  But tomorrow I'll be there bright and early at 8 o'clock and expect that we will get 25 or better out. 

We are having some difficulty for some reason with FedEx and UPS sending out the notifications and the tracking information. Please have no fear. I do get the tracking info but it's very difficult for me to look it up for person right now. We're working on it and I'm sure we will get it out of automatic.

If anybody has an emergency reason why they need the tracking number please feel free to email me at and I'll do my best to get back to you.

I didn't know I could take a video from my phone and upload it here. Way cool. Easier than writing!

Thank you all again so much for all your enthusiasm and support can't wait to see you guys enjoy these great gaming upgrades!!!


MAT UPDATE 3-23-18
about 2 years ago – Sat, Mar 24, 2018 at 01:11:42 AM

Topper Nation!

My apologies I should have better clarified... Tracking notifications only go out when the items is picked up by the shipper. No Topper orders have gone out yet that is why you would not have received a notice.

My Last update only was referencing backers that Pledged only for a single mat level. NOT Topper orders. 

Any Topper order will come with all the extras in the box except storage bag and dice that will ship separate.

Notification should come when a shipment for a mat or a topper pledge after the item has shipped whether from UPS, Fed X, or Spee DEE Delivery.

It should give you tracking as to when the item/s will arrive.

I cannot hold or redirect items once they are shipped. That would be between you and the carrier at that point. i do not have the ability to do target delivery dates with out 3x the cost.

Canadian order are handle different as one shipment at end of April. SEE past updates.

I hope that eliminates any confusion.

Sorry, try to explain that better next time.


Backer Shipping Update 3-23-18
about 2 years ago – Fri, Mar 23, 2018 at 04:57:47 PM

Greetings Topper Nation! 

I have a shipping update for you. 

All mats have been Shipped! 

 You should have received a FedX tracking number, It may say from Spee Dee Delivery, but have no worries that is my shipper for Game Toppers. 

Some have said they have not received tracking on their Mat orders, I don’t really know why other than possibly going to spam or incorrect address. I do however have tracking numbers, but honestly it takes a lot of time to go in and respond to emails asking for tracking numbers. So unless it’s an emergency please realize your mat should be there in a few days. If not, reach out to me @ and I’ll check. 

 48 hour notice to finalize address: 

I have been sending out notices to finalize addresses. This does not mean that your product will ship out in 48 hours. This means you have 48 hours to lock your address or make a change to your address. Please make any changes in this window if needed.

After that 48 hours that creates a batch for me to send my segment to my shipper. Then it goes through the process of pulling all the orders and shipping them out. This  initiates the processes and will  still take us time to pull each orders and ship.

Transit time  is generally 4-6 days to your home. 

 Cups: DELAYED, oh the plans of mice & men.

(I was talking to a publisher friend of mine and he said "oh you thought everything was going to go perfect") I'm learning first hand, it's not always the way you want it to go, no matter how hard you try.

First, we need to ship cup with all orders. 6000 cups that were sent from Los Angeles three weeks ago, have been sitting in the Chicago railyard. We had an ETA of our cups arriving at our fulfillment center last week while I was at the Gama Tradeshow when i sent out the last update. 

They have been backed up In Chicago. I received word yesterday, they have been De-Vaned and have been picked up. We now anticipate that those cups will arrive in St. Cloud on Monday 26th or Tuesday 27th. If that happens we will be sending out our Standard Watson Toppers to backers on Tuesday-Thursday. You can expect that it will take 4 to 6 days to arrive after the orders are pulled depending on where you live. 

 Then we will be shipping out the Holmes Standard Toppers and right after that the Mycroft, Lestrade, & Hudson Standard Toppers. 

 My fulfillment Team estimates we should be able to send all Standard orders within 10 days. 

 Our "Lux" Toppers are going well and still expect to start shipping them middle April. 

Local Pick Up: 

This has proven to be very interesting and a bit difficult because of the way we are having to batch our segments to deliver our product as it comes in to the center. 

 This is how we must do it:

After each batch we will pull the orders and if it has a will call designation, it will get set aside and an email will be sent to the appropriate backer to schedule the pickup.

(Spee Dee is a delivery center and will not be able answer questions about product or make any exchanges, that must be handled by me.)

 I know people want to schedule this, but there’s no way for me to pull them out one at a time in our process. If you are a Will Call/pickup you will be notified by email with your recorded Kickstarter/Backerkit Email. 

Be prepared to have a large Vehicle our boxes are Large . Recommend pick up or van.

They are not going to help unbox the items so it will fit in your car. Sorry.

(if anyone cannot do this please let me know and I can Re- bill shipping)

Lestrade/Hudson 50 x 47 x 5

Watson: 48 x 36 x 12 -100 lbs

Holmes: 46 x 44 x 12 110 lbs

Mycroft: 57 x 42 x 12 120 lbs 

 That is about it. 

I did a bunch of Game Topper Spotlight videos at Gama that you can see on our Facebook and Twitter.

 Thank you all again!


First Wave mats and Standard Toppers update 3-18-18
about 2 years ago – Mon, Mar 19, 2018 at 12:58:39 AM

 Greetings Topper Nation! This is going to be a very brief update. I always say that! 

Our intention is to ship out all of the single KS and Pre order pledge of the game mats this coming Monday. Addresses are locked down.

This is US based only at this point. Canadian shipments of game mats will be shortly there after with our other Topper orders as this will help save everybody from having to pay additional duty. 

As far as standard Toppers go, we are doing these in batches as it is the most efficient way for us to pull the most amount each day. We intend to start that this coming Wednesday. 

Potential snagg...I found out Thursday, while I was on my trip to Gamma trade show in Reno Nevada that are cups are still at the rail dock in Chicago. We were expecting them last week as of my last update. Grrrrrrrrr

We are expected for them to be pulled Monday, however it’s not a guarantee. Currently the ETA of the cups arriving is Wednesday the 21st. We cannot ship until I have all of these cups. Hopefully this will only result in a 1 day delay as I was planning on being in the fulfillment center Tuesday, now I will be there Wed and Thursday instead.

We are going to start with the Watsons standard toppers, then the Mycroft, then the Holmes,Lestrade and Hudson.

 Address confirmations will go out in that order. Please make and any corrections to address if needed.

 I could go in for a long detailed explanation as to why I’m going in that order, but it’s not worth the effort trying to explain it, because that is the way it is. The the way the product to the fulfillment center was recieved and the pallets positioned is now how we need to pull those items.

Long and short of that, we should have all of these orders out within just a few days. Kickckatarter backers first, then pre orders.

Lux update:

Almost all the Lux rails are pre tapped for accessorie rail which is the first step, a good portion already have corners being assembled, and Topper floors put together. The next step is full assembly! Moving along well.

 I’m quite excited about it! The joy of seeing all of your pictures, And hearing of the great stories that are going to come from this upgrade into your home, thrills me to no end.


Lux Holmes Game Topper in use at the iello booth at Gama
Lux Holmes Game Topper in use at the iello booth at Gama


The Dice Tower shot their Gama footage on Standard Watson
The Dice Tower shot their Gama footage on Standard Watson

 I did a live interview with Tom Vasel and another Chaz Marlar coming soon. Live with Tom at 16:15

My good friends at Arcane Wonders had 3 Standard Hudson’s and their booth looked like a million bucks.
My good friends at Arcane Wonders had 3 Standard Hudson’s and their booth looked like a million bucks.

I also started a new video segment called Game Toppers Spotlight. I will be doing these While I attend conventions. These will be brief 2 to 3 minute videos featuring new games and interviews with publishers, designers, content creators and industry insiders.

 I made 21 of these videos while at Gama, and spent all six hours of my travel time editing these segments. You’ll be able to see these on our Game Topper Facebook page:

Right now, I’m working so much I haven’t had time to do a few things I want to, but I’m intending on setting up a Facebook group just for Game Toppers so we can share our pictures and share our games on our Toppers, and talk about how we use them. This will not be a customer service portal as that would not be efficient for me, but more where we can continue the conversation and the feedback to continue to make game toppers a long term sustainable brand and just have some fun!

Thank you all again for your great understanding and patience, and being such a fantastic community !

All my best 


Backer update 3-12-18
about 2 years ago – Mon, Mar 12, 2018 at 10:15:53 PM

Greeting Topper Nation! 

I wanted to give you an update while I am in route to the Gama Trade Show in Reno, Nevada. If I told you my daily, weekly, & monthly schedule you would probably not only be bored to death, but also wonder how I am doing it all. I’m not sure myself. When this is all done, I will be looking to bring on a logistics manager to the Game Topper team. I have many responsibilities, overseeing production, fulfillment, customer interactions, accounting, and continuing to market and propelled this brand to the next level. I am running at an incredible pace, but I am so energized by this dream coming true. I literally am giddy about the joy and fun this “Ultimate Gaming Upgrade,” (a phrase coined by Mark Streed from the Board Game Corner) will bring each of you. Our Game Toppers literally upgrades every game you play.

Few travel updates:

 I just got back from Salt Con and had an amazing time! Ben from Daedalus hosted me and we shared a booth. People loved the Game Toppers! I literally talked 9 hours straight each day, sometime 3 people at a time. Ben’s new Rising Sun, Clank and Gloomhaven inserts where displayed on our Game Toppers and were a big hit. 

Watson “Lux” Topper with Daedalus Rising Sun insert on Kickstarter now.
Watson “Lux” Topper with Daedalus Rising Sun insert on Kickstarter now.


“Mycroft” with Daedalus Gloomhaven insert
“Mycroft” with Daedalus Gloomhaven insert

 I like to thank Ben for his generosity and take this opportunity to let you know he is running a Kickstarter himself. He has some amazing products, but one of the reasons I’m excited about this is, it will allow Ben the ability to purchase new lasers to triple his capacity. This will allow our partnership to further develop and make more cool Game Topper innovations. Check it out.

      I also just got back from setting up the new Miniature Market Super Store in St Louis. Check out our Facebook page

 They purchased 12 Toppers for this massive Superstore back in November with Board Game Geek. Now that our Standard Toppers are completed I was able set the store, and spend time with my good friends Robert Oren painting miniatures 101 and Alex Goldsmith from the Dukes of Dice Podcast. We recorded a live Burky and Badger Board Game Babble show and talked about miniatures and other fun stuff. If you haven’t every watch or listen to our show here is the link for the live YouTube show and the pro audio version can always be found on iTunes or Stitcher.


Burky, Robert Oren, Alex Goldsmith
Burky, Robert Oren, Alex Goldsmith

I want to assure you, my itinerary is not preventing me from taking care of important tasks or interactions as many of you can attest. 

In the middle of these trips, I also traveled to my fulfillment center three times to manage inventory and staging for the first batch of Toppers going out. I have personally been involved in the processes assuring accuracy and efficiencies. I think we have a fantastic situation there.

Staging of our game mats
Staging of our game mats


It’s Game Topper Mat heaven up in here
It’s Game Topper Mat heaven up in here

That brings us to what you really want to know. When will I get my Topper! I hear you. I know how excited you are. I am too!

Here is our current status:

Game mats have been received and inventoried. They are fantastic!!! Kickstarter backers should receive an address verification from Backerkit this week. Please verify your address. When this is completed hopefully by Thursday or Friday. The USA game mat pledges will ship. (Canadian pledges will ship with the large Canadian shipment to save everyone on duty and brokerage fees. I’ll explain that in a future update.) I want to cover that in more detail later next week. 

Our “Cadillac” packaging have arrived at our manufacture and are being assembled. (We decided to improve it further by putting each topper half in a poly bag to insure the finish is not scuffed in transit-this was a significant cost but the right thing to do)

Lux components are nearly completed and being packaged.

HDPE components are completed and being packaged.

A significant portion of our Daedalus cork inserts, Dice Towers, and Player shields are completed and in transit to our fulfillment center. The lasers are pumping out Dice Towers.

Lasers at work
Lasers at work

Most of our Dogmight component trays have arrived at the fulfillment center. Totally Awesome!!!

Aluminum cups should arrive today at the center from LA

First Semi Load of Standard Toppers are packaged and being shipped today to the fulfillment center. 

Toppers passed though quality control ready for packaging
Toppers passed though quality control ready for packaging

The majority of our Lux rails just arrive at my manufacturer and production of lux Toppers is starting immediately. We expect the first Semi load of Lux Toppers to be sent to our fulfillment center the first week of April. We begin shipping these packages as soon as they arrive.

Because of the difficulties with the Lux rails being delayed and needing to send the standard Toppers first, we must fulfill in batches for efficiency. It is impossible now to go with a first pledge in, first out, type of fulfillment, as I found out our pledge manager software is unable to manage it that way given our situation.

Long and short of it is that we can pull and kit 40-50 units per day with our process. That means as soon as a semi load of Toppers come in we will have them out the door in less than a week.

I get home from Gama on the 15th, will spend the weekend with my family. Monday I’ll load all the HDPE and Lux components in my trailer. Tuesday and Wed I will be at the fulfillment center to oversee the first packing for of Standard pledges.

We may do better than this but....expected arrivals:

I would say for Standard Topper Pledges expect your pledge the last week of March or 1st week of April.

Standard Topper KS pledges will receive shipping address verification notification this week.. Please verify so I can batch these orders. (You should receive tracking information when shipped.)

Standard Pre-order Toppers will ship right after Kickstarter pledges are fulfilled.

Lux Topper KS pledges should start shipping the 2nd week of April and hopefully everyone should have them by the end of April. There are several things in play here with some of the Aluminum still being processed, but if everything goes as scheduled at my manufacturer we should be on track given we received the majority of rails and more will be arriving soon. I will be sending address verification notifications in a couple weeks for all Lux Topper pledges

Lux Topper Pre Orders will be fulfilled right after Kickstarter backers are fulfilled.

Canadian Orders: I am not putting Canadian orders on hold or to the back of the list, in fact what I have been able to do is broker a deal with Snakes and Lattes that will cost each backer very minimal brokerage and duty. This is costing me extra transit to ship the pallets to their warehouse but by shipping to this location with our harmonized tariff code this will save backers a ton compared to sending Standard Fed x. I will be calculating these fees next week. For many of the Canadian backers there may not even be an extra fee. I have worked and worked on this to help save my international friends money. I’m told from Snakes and Lates that no tax will be added to my truck load coming in. I’m not exactly sure if you pay your provincial tax on products shipping internally, but from my end there will be no extra charge from me. This was very good news. I realize there is a slight delay, but it will be worth it. I will put out a better explanation on that soon. I’m hoping this shipment will go out the middle of April.

Lastly, A few thing that have not been smooth.

Storage bags has been difficult with the Chinese New Year situation. I’m told our order will be completed by the end of April. Then it will be 25-30 days transit. When the bags come in, I will ship them separately to each of you as stated in the last update. This will be at my expense. So looks like May/June. All I can do is give you my apologies. Very frustrated by this, but on the other hand they are very well made and a must have accessory in my opinion. I think you’ll love them.

John Wrot from Gate Keeper Games is still encountering difficulties with his supply chain on the Halfsies Dice. He does not have a reliable arrival date yet. When the Dice arrive he will be handling fulfillment of these for you. We will keep you updated when we have better info.

This is a complex campaign with more moving parts and details than most, however, I feel pretty confident I have covered the bases to deliver a fantastic product. I’m working day and night, mostly 7 days a week. I won’t stop till I have this out to you.

I also want to thank you for your kindness, understanding, and thoughtful interactions. I feel like you are family. My heart is full of gratitude! Thank you!!

As always if you have any concerns, the best way to reach out to me is PM on the Kickstarter personal message system or email me direct at The next couple days responses might be slightly delayed, but I will respond.

All my best!